Copywriting Portfolio

Bamboo Reef

Local business with locations in San Francisco & Monterey, CA

Project Work

At Bamboo Reef I am responsible for writing copy for a variety of digital and print mediums, including the company website, social media, email marketing campaigns, and in-store advertising. I write course descriptions, create promotional materials for trips, and utilize my technical writing skills to generate detailed product summaries and dive equipment reviews. 

I also interview notable industry figures and compose original articles to feature in our monthly newsletters. I have conducted interviews with Alexey Molchanov (champion freediver & world record holder), Keith Roostart (Founder of the Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project), Vince Christian (Founder of the Sunflower Star Laboratory), and more. 

Point Blue Conservation Science

Conservation Nonprofit based in Petaluma, CA

Project Work

At Point Blue Conservation Science I specialized in crafting engaging copy to seamlessly blend science communication with the world of social media.  I created content that was both educational and engaging, effectively communicating complex scientific concepts to a wide audience. I was also responsible for creating content to highlight new research and conservation initiatives. Through independent research and collaboration with experts, I was able to transform high level research papers into creative, shareable, social media content without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

The Third Place

Food tech startup based in San Francisco, CA.

Project Work

During my time at The Third Place, I embraced a dual role as a storyteller and copywriter. Collaborating closely with the founders, I developed a distinctive brand voice and worked to weave a singular company narrative across multiple social media platforms. I crafted social media copy that was elevated, descriptive, and engaging, fostering a passionate online community that was motivated to engage with The Third Place and its array offerings.

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